— NewWave x Absolut Vodka
Client: Sandra Lambeck

Scope of work

Graphic- & Motion Design
Location Scouting
Invite Process
Interior Design

— Outcome

Togheter with our partner from LFV, we reached in 8 Weeks over 1.3 Millions viewers with our posts & stories on social media platforms.
A satisfied and happy Sandra Lambeck, 326 guests at the rooftop , 11 sponsors and partners.
A night that a lot of people will remember.
We brought a variety of people together from the old & young, artists, designers, influencers & bloggers, networkers, business people, party people, followers and even more people together for a wonderful night to be remembered.

— Reach

Posted Flyer

Snapchat: 78k
Facebook: 7k
Instagram: 52k

Sandra Lambeck

Instagram Story: 695k
Instagram Posting: 275k

Tali Quindio

Instagram Live: 138k
Announcement: 46k
Instagram Posting: 22k

Ace Tee

Instagram Posting: 14k

La Famille Vnie

Instagram Live: 74k

— Overall Reach


(without posting visitors)